Overloaded Circuits - Why Smart People Underperform:


Bullying bosses: Undermine their own teams; Reduce morale & loyalty; Increase the number of employee sick leaves; Do not get better results & often get worse ones. Lesson: Nurturing excellence is far more effective than demanding it:


A survey of over 16,000 employees in 14 countries found that members of majority groups continue to underestimate the obstacles that members of minority groups face:

Universal Basic Income

Why Legendary Economists Liked Universal Basic Income - The idea wasn’t invented by today’s big-government left. It has intrigued thinkers from John Stuart Mill to Milton Friedman:


How climate change will transform business and the workforce:

Rewards / Motivation

Punished by Rewards - The Trouble with Gold Stars, Incentive Plans, A’s, Praise, and Other Bribes:

Office gatherings

You can’t abolish office gatherings, but you can make them shorter, smaller and smarter with the help of recent research:

Teams and Innovation

Bigger teams aren't always better in science and tech. Smaller teams produce more innovative research:

Goodhearts Law

When targets and metrics are bad for business. How the never-ending quest to quantify worker productivity can go terribly, terribly wrong:


The climate crisis is our third world war. It needs a bold response:

Basic income

A study of 100,000 workers from 47 countries found that 8% perceive their job as “socially useless”, while a further 17% are doubtful about the usefulness of their job. This is our chance to completely redefine the meaning of work:


If Money Doesn’t Make You Happy, Consider Time. Time, not money, is your most precious resource. Spend it wisely:

Saving capitalism

This is about saving capitalism - the Dutch historian who savaged Davos elite:


Time for happiness. Why the pursuit of money isn’t bringing you joy — and what will:


The current development model followed in much of the world values economic and infrastructure gains over environmental health and human livelihoods:

Working sick

I Refuse to Go Home Sick, Even If It Means Infecting the Entire Office:


Do good ethics make good business? Do ethics fly out of the window as we pursue profits?


How the never-ending quest to quantify worker productivity can go terribly, terribly wrong. When targets and metrics are bad for business:

Basic Income

Basic Income - Poverty isn't a lack of character; it's a lack of cash:


Climate Arson - The strategies and impact of ExxonMobil’s dangerous EU lobbying:


Humanity is more important than money — it’s time for capitalism to get an upgrade:


How to Be a More Patient Person - Relax. It’s going to be O.K.:


The 6 Fundamental Skills Every Leader Should Practice:

Brain and Thinking

Can We Finally Stop Talking About ‘Male’ and ‘Female’ Brains? Recent research is making it clearer than ever that the notion that sex determines the fundamentals of brain structure and behavior is a misconception:


The False Choice Between Economic Growth and Combatting Climate Change:


Always take a break - Human brains reorganize experiences while resting to find new solutions:


Don’t Try to Be the “Fun Boss” — and Other Lessons in Ethical Leadership:


Don't despair: the climate fight is only over if you think it is:


Work-Live-Balance - Emailing While You’re on Vacation Is a Quick Way to Ruin Company Culture:

Working time

Working more doesn't mean working better. Productivity dramatically decreases with longer hours and drops off completely at 55 hours per week:


Why Your Meetings Stink - and What to Do About It:


Financial meltdown, environmental disaster and even the rise of Donald Trump – neoliberalism has played its part in them all. Why has the left failed to come up with an alternative?


What Straight-A Students Get Wrong. If you always succeed in school, you’re not setting yourself up for success in life:

Gender gap

Women Did Everything Right. Then Work Got ‘Greedy.’ How America’s obsession with long hours has widened the gender gap:


The Persistent Ghost of Ayn Rand, the Forebear of Zombie Neoliberalism:


Building a Better Globalization. An economist explains what it will take to create a truly fair and open global economy:


Why you should know how much your coworkers get paid:

Capitalist Realism

Capitalist Realism - Is There No Alternative?


A climate change-fueled switch away from fossil fuels means the worldwide economy will fundamentally need to change:

Global debt

Global debt now worse than before financial crisis, says IMF. Fund warns all economies look vulnerable as low interest rates lead to debt worth 225% of GDP:


Indigenous Australians from low-lying islands in the Torres Strait argue that the government, by failing to act on climate change, has violated their fundamental right to maintain their culture:

Working time

Shorter workweeks could help reduce accidents, combat climate change, make the genders more equal, and more:


Cultivating Everyday Courage - Competently courageous behaviors can be learned with effort and practice:


Inequalities were generated by neoliberal policies that put markets in charge of redistribution. They are also the result of a belief system in which competitiveness is more cherished than solidarity. Open borders have little to do with this:

Capitalism and ecological crisis

The new paper, ‘The Race of Our Lives Revisited,’ provides a bruising indictment of contemporary capitalism’s complicity in the ecological crisis:

Common good and trading

Caring about the common good is often counterproductive in most for-profit ventures, including trading, and so singling out traders is inappropriate:


Brexit trade deal - finance lobby allowed to work in secret:

The world is getting better

These are bleak times — but a lot of things are improving: 23 charts and maps that show the world is getting much, much better:

Leadership and Teams

Teams led by humble leaders outperform teams led by egocentric ones:


Seven Skills That Aren’t About to Be Automated:

Financial crisis

Conditions will soon be ripe for a financial crisis, but governments will have their hands tied:

Basic income

Basic income - a progressive road out of austerity:


How Self-Reflection Can Help Leaders Stay Motivated:

Profit and Purpose

How Marketers Can Connect Profit and Purpose:


Most Executives Believe in the Business Case for CSR. So Why Don’t They Invest More in It?


Why you need to change the way you think about your career. Don't fail fast - fail mindfully:


If Strategy Is So Important, Why Don’t We Make Time for It?


How boredom can lead to your most brilliant ideas:


Leaders Focus Too Much on Changing Policies, and Not Enough on Changing Minds:

Selective Laziness

Ants are more successful when they are selectively industrious, a new study found. They use idleness to their advantage. Quitting has its virtues:

German economy

The German Undervaluation Regime under Bretton Woods: How Germany Became the Nightmare of the World Economy:


Money and Moneyness: Thoughts on the Nature and Distributional Power of the “Backbone” of Capitalist Political Economy:

NLP vs Science

Thirty-Five Years of Research on Neuro-Linguistic Programming. NLP Research Data Base. State of the Art or Pseudoscientific Decoration?


Managers Can’t Be Great Coaches All by Themselves - “Always-on” managers usually do more harm than good:

Financial myths

Three bank lobby myths debunked by Robert Jenkins, former member of the Bank of England's Financial Policy Committee:


What Are Capitalists Thinking?
If they’re worried about what’s driving the growing appeal of socialism, they need to look in the mirror:

Company Cultures

Why Great Employees Leave “Great Cultures”:


As inequality grows, so does the political influence of the rich:

Working time

After moving to a 4-day work week:
- employee productivity climbed
- engagement deepened
- stress dropped
- work-life balance improved
Takeaway: When hiring & leading, focus on tasks to be performed - not hours spent in office:

Argue better

We should improve the quality of our interactions with people who disagree with us about contentious issues. We have to learn how to argue better:

State of the world

Are Things Getting Better or Worse? Why assessing the state of the world is harder than it sounds:

Language and Thinking

How language shapes the way we think:

Universal Basic Income

Who Really Stands to Win from Universal Basic Income?
It has enthusiasts on both the left and the right. Maybe that’s the giveaway:


How Humble Leadership Really Works:


Why you think you're right — even if you're wrong:


Four Signs an Executive Isn’t Ready for Coaching:


Why Email Is So Stressful, Even Though It’s Not Actually That Time-Consuming:


People Don’t Want to Be Compared with Others in Performance Reviews. They Want to Be Compared with Themselves:

Gender-pay gap

One common explanation of the gender-pay gap is that women are less likely to negotiate their salary. But that’s not the case, according to a new study:


The Other Diversity Dividend - evidence that diversity improves financial performance:


Do Your Employees Feel Respected?


The Bullshit-Job Boom - For more and more people, work appears to serve no purpose. Is there any good left in the grind?

Promotion and Incompetence

Do People Really Get Promoted to Their Level of Incompetence?

Stress and Attention

Our attention gets hijacked by everything from the stress in our lives to the ding of our phones. Neuroscientist Amishi Jha shows how we can cultivate the ability to focus on what really matters:

Works purpose

Want to discover (or re-discover) your sense of purpose at work? Here’s how:


The best way to learn something? Teach someone else. You‘ll have a better understanding and knowledge retention:


Is Capitalism a Threat to Democracy?

Capital or labor

Is capital or labor winning at your favorite company? Publicly held corporations now must disclose their median employee compensation. Those numbers gave us an idea for a new analytical approach to an age-old struggle:


Bureaucracy Can Drain Your Company’s Energy. Agile Can Restore It:


What Amazon’s Board Was Getting Wrong About Diversity and Hiring:


Are there six traits that could really mark out your potential to achieve?


How managers become leaders: When you become a leader, your job is to define the problem — not solve it:

Central Banking

Central banking and the infrastructural power of finance: the case of ECB support for repo and securitization markets:


Explaining the Growth of CSR within OECD Countries: The Role of Institutional Legitimacy in Resolving the Institutional Mirror vs. Substitute Debate:


The Benefits of Admitting When You Don’t Know:


Four Ways to Build an Innovative Team:

Meaningless work

Copying and pasting emails. Inventing meaningless tasks for others. Just looking busy. Why do so many people feel their work is completely unnecessary?


What Data on Formula One Crashes Suggests About Workplace Rivalries. Similarity breeds competition, and too much competition can be destructive:

Remote Work

Stop Neglecting Remote Workers:


High EQ leaders don't lose their cool. They don't swallow emotions. Learn about the behaviors to avoid as you build emotional intelligence:


Leadership - How Humble Leadership Really Works:

Fair Trade

The Real Cost of Cheap Shirts:


How to Develop Empathy for Someone Who Annoys You:

Macroeconomics substantial ignorance

Economics failed us before the global crisis - Analysis of macroeconomic theory suggests substantial ignorance of how economies work:

Thinking time

Having Your Smartphone Nearby Takes a Toll on Your Thinking:


Venture Capital Stereotypes About Men and Women Aren’t Supported by Performance Data:

Sales perfomance

Sales perfomance is actually negatively correlated with performance as a sales manager:

Work-Life Balance

Work-Life Balance - Emailing While You’re on Vacation Is a Quick Way to Ruin Company Culture:


The Three Things Employees Really Want: Career, Community, Cause:


What motivates us at work? More than money:


Instead of throwing away fish skins, a green entrepreneur on Lake Victoria turns the skins into leather products:

Privacy Policy

A Strong Privacy Policy Can Save Your Company Millions: of


Can You Be a Great Leader Without Technical Expertise?

Price Formation

Wine as a Cultural Product - Symbolic Capital and Price Formation in the Wine Field:


Attitudes Towards Income Inequality - “Winners” versus “Losers” of the Perceived Meritocracy:


The diversity of wage regimes - why the Eurozone is too heterogeneous for the Euro:


Governance Across Borders - Transnational Fields and Transversal Themes; A Blogbook:


Semiotic Arguments and Markets in Votes - A Comment on Sparks:


In a Distracted World, Solitude Is a Competitive Advantage:

Personality Tests

What Personality Tests Really Deliver - They’re a two-billion-dollar industry. But are assessments like the Myers-Briggs more self-help than science?


Unhinged - Industrial Relations Liberalization and Capitalist Instability:

Clean Desk

Why every office should scrap its clean desk policy:


Motivation - Why People Really Quit Their Jobs:


To Be a Great Leader, You Have to Learn How to Delegate Well:


The Case for Improving Work for People with Disabilities Goes Way Beyond Compliance:


Respect, Dignity - Make Civility the Norm on Your Team:


Why Self-Compassion Beats Self-Confidence:

Team Building

How to Build a Successful Team:


The secret to Germany’s happiness and success: Its values are the opposite of Silicon Valley’s:


Colorblind Diversity Efforts Don’t Work:


Want to get great at something? Get a coach:


Sitting Near a High-Performer Can Make You Better at Your Job:

Food Waste

How Much Food Do We Waste? Probably More Than You Think:


Meetings Would Go Faster If People Took the Time to Listen:


The right way to be introspective (yes, there’s a wrong way):


Traditional performance reviews are formal & infrequent. Useful feedback is informal & frequent:


Leadership - When Every Leader Promises to Change the World, How Can We Tell Who Will Leave Us Better Off?


Stress - How to Let Go at the End of the Workday:

Tax Policy

We pay our taxes, so why don’t corporations? This new report shows how the Big Four are embedded in EU policy-making on tax avoidance, and concludes that it is time to kick this industry out of EU anti-tax avoidance policy:

Unequal Responsiveness

Government of the People, by the Elite, for the Rich: Unequal Responsiveness in an Unlikely Case:

Climate Change

Climate Change - Temperature Effects on Productivity and Factor Reallocation: Evidence from a Half Million Chinese Manufacturing Plants:

Sexual harassment at work

Sexual harassment is not about sex is about power. How we can end sexual harassment at work:

Finance crisis

Maybe the biggest success of the Banking Lobby in stopping post-crisis regulation, certainly a huge defeat for taxpayers: The European Commission buried its own project of separating Too BigTo Fail banks:


Liberalization, Hysteresis, and Labor Relations in Western European Commercial Aviation:

Competitive Advantage

In a Distracted World, Solitude Is a Competitive Advantage:


How great leaders inspire action:

Prpose / Motivation

Five Questions to Help Your Employees Find Their Inner Purpose:


Delivering bad news? Don't beat around the bush. New research shows people typically want to hear it straight:


Good Leaders Are Good Learners:

Free Markets

The reality is precisely the opposite of what so-called ‘market fundamentalists’ would have us believe [...] free markets cannot be stable without redistribution mechanisms:


Lots of Men Are Gender-Equality Allies in Private. Why Not in Public?

Behavioral Economics

The Rise of Behavioral Economics and Its Influence on Organizations:


Why Business Leaders Need to Read More Science Fiction:


Stop the Meeting Madness:


What I Learned About Coaching After Losing the Ability to Speak:

Meaningful Work

Meaningful Work Should Not Be a Privilege of the Elite:

Organizational Culture

We’re Thinking About Organizational Culture All Wrong:


The Most Overused Negotiating Tactic Is Threatening to Walk Away. It's never about thinking of buying or selling:


Gender Stereotyping and Self-Stereotyping Attitudes: A Large Field Study of Managers:


Six Myths about Success That Can Hold You Back:


Does Worker Wellbeing Affect Workplace Performance?


If you're stressed don't try to calm down, try to be exited:


Ten Reasons Fair-Trade Coffee Doesn’t Work:

Financial Crisis

Why was the financial system so vulnerable that a relatively small disturbance could start a conflagration?

Corporate Governance

A Skeptical View of Financialized Corporate Governance:

Economics and Social Science

The dominant position of economics within the network of the other social sciences:


There’s no team without trust. High-Performing Teams Need Psychological Safety:

Work-Life Balance

Your organization’s success is based on a marathon, not a sprint. Make sure employees know that. Help Your Team Achieve Work-Life Balance - Even When You Can’t:

AI Age

In the AI Age, “Being Smart” Will Mean Something Completely Different. AI will require us to take our cognitive and emotional skills to a much higher level:

Basic Income

The “unconditional basic income” has a long history in economic thinking, with proponents on both the left and the right:


What the Science Actually Says About Gender Gaps in the Workplace:


It’s Time to Tie Executive Compensation to Sustainability:


How boredom can lead to your most brilliant ideas:

Financial Crisis

Ten-years from global financial crisis - A decade in charts:


Good Leaders Are Good Learners:


Leadership and Motivation: Exploring, experimenting, learning - this is the way we’re supposed to live and work:


Research Shows That Organizations Benefit When Employees Take Sabbaticals:


Meetings - The ultimate time-suck and what to do about them:

Economy Pilitics

But once the external constraint is ditched, the modern right has this unresolved dilemma: the levels of economic freedom it wants always produce levels of discontent that require political freedom to be curtailed:

Critical Thinking

Critical thinking skills are more important than IQ for making good decisions in life:

Meaningful Work

Every Generation Wants Meaningful Work — but Thinks Other Age Groups Are in It for the Money:


Why Grades Are Not Paramount to Achievement: The intrinsic love of learning supplants the drive for high marks in the long run:


How economics became a religion - Its moral code promises salvation, its high priests uphold their orthodoxy. But perhaps too many of its doctrines are taken on faith:


Small acts of kindness at work benefit the giver, the receiver and the whole:


Leadership - The More Senior Your Job Title, the More You Need to Keep a Journal:


What If Companies Managed People as Carefully as They Manage Money?

Leadership and Trust

Want Your Employees to Trust You? Show You Trust Them:


The Expressive Functions of Pay:

Climate change and financial crisis

Could climate cause the next financial crisis?


Leadership - How to Be an Inspiring Leader:


Why Justice Matters for Business Ethics:


Too Big to Control? The politics of mega-mergers and why the EU is not stopping them:

Capitalist Political Economy

What Money Does: An Inquiry Into the Backbone of Capitalist Political Economy:

Mirror Trades

Deutsche Bank, Mirror Trades, and More Russian Threads:


Reclaiming Public Services is vital reading for anyone interested in the future of local, democratic services like energy, water and health care:

Company Culture

Changing Company Culture Requires a Movement, Not a Mandate:


When it comes to increasing motivation, doing something for others is far more effective than traditional incentives:


When Leaders Are Hired for Talent but Fired for Not Fitting In:


Employee Burnout Is a Problem with the Company, Not the Person:


If Humble People Make the Best Leaders, Why Do We Fall for Charismatic Narcissists?

Automates and dignity

What happens when you automate jobs in a system that has largely failed to treat its workers with dignity?


What it takes to be a great leader:


How great leaders inspire action:


Sustainability - Managing Climate Change: Lessons from the U.S. Navy:


Ethics - Companies have become much more likely to dismiss their chief executive officers because of a scandal or improper conduct:


The right to protest, the right to assemble freely, the right to petition one's government, these are not just rights. In the face of Avarice, Fraud and Division, these are obligations:


Do you need to be a dick to be a successful leader?


How to make hard choices - In a hard choice each choice has better qualities, but neither is clearly better:


Many leaders don't understand that they are an integral part of the motivational ecosystem in thier companies:


What If Companies Managed People as Carefully as They Manage Money?

Working less

How working less could solve all our problems. Really:

Science and Ethics

A silenced dialogue – natural science and the ethics of genomic intervention and enhancement:

Critical Thinking

Five tips to improve your critical thinking:

Green entrepreneurship

Green entrepreneur sets sights on Great Pacific Garbage Patch:


Competition, Value Creation and the Self-Understanding of Business:

Work-Live Balance

Work-Live Balance - If You Want to Be Happy at Work, Have a Life Outside of It:


How equal do we want the world to be? You'd be surprised:

Decline of the Middle Class

Researchers have answered a big question about the decline of the middle class:


Kierkegaard and Leadership Theory, a Radical Reappraisal. A commentary on “Development of Leadership Theory in the Perspective of Kierkegaard’s Philosophy”:


The ‘Dieselgate’ lessons must be heeded to end industry self-regulation:


Diversity - Don’t Give Up on Unconscious Bias Training. Make It Better:


How the U.S. Marines Encourage Service-Based Leadership:


Five TED speakers talk about trust and its consequences:


The best leaders practice a form of leadership that is less about creating followers and more about creating other leaders:

Business and Politics

Businesses Can No Longer Avoid Becoming Political:


Why Mass Migration Is Good for Long-Term Economic Growth:

More than Money

What Matters More to Your Workforce than Money:


Is success always earned? Is failure? A kinder, gentler philosophy of success:


Know your worth, and then ask for it. Your boss probably isn't paying you what you're worth — instead, they're paying you what they think you're worth:

Conscious Consumerism

Conscious consumerism is a lie. Here’s a better way to help save the world:


How to Tell Leaders They’re Not as Great as They Think They Are:

Purpose and Jobs

Your Job Can’t Be the Only Meaningful Thing in Your Life:

Financial Education

Financial literacy can never be neutral, because it draws on conflicting economic theories. So it matters who designs financial education:


Great leaders, especially in large organizations, aren’t really people. They’re mental images - Followers Don’t See Their Leaders as Real People:


How Rudeness Stops People from Working Together:

Business Ethics

Being an Ethical Business in a Corrupt Environment:

Emotional Intelligence

How to Boost Your and Others’ Emotional Intelligence:


Hiring an Entrepreneurial Leader:


Pressure Doesn’t Have to Turn into Stress:


No easy answers: why left-wing economics is not the answer to right-wing populism:


Gender - The 5 Biases Pushing Women Out of STEM:


What great leadership and music have in common:

Basic Income

Keeping people poor is a political choice we can no longer afford, with so much human potential wasted. We need a universal basic income:


Strategy in the Age of Superabundant Capital:


Great leaders practice a form of leadership that is not about creating followers but about creating other leaders:

Failure and sucess

Why accepting that you may be wrong maybe the greatest moral, intellectual and creative leap you can make:


The Strength of Collusion: A Conceptual Framework for Interpreting Hybrid Social Orders:

Climate Change and Business

What Is the Association between Absolute Child Poverty, Poor Governance, and Natural Disasters? A Global Comparison of Some of the Realities of Climate:

Political Economy

From Performativity to Political Economy: Index Investing, ETFs and Asset Manager Capitalism:

Symbolic Capital

Wine as a Cultural Product: Symbolic Capital and Price Formation in the Wine Field:


Your Team’s Time Management Problem Might Be a Focus Problem:


Research: How Leadership Experience Affects Students:


Economics: An Illustrated Timeline. It provides an overview of historic events, schools of thought, and the people involved:


Forty Years On - Still Searching for the Corporation-Society Paradigm:

Social Europe

Ambiguities of Social Europe: Political Agenda Setting among Trade Unionists from Central and Eastern Europe and Western Europe:


Organizational Culture - The Neuroscience of Trust:


Who says change needs to be hard? Five ways to lead in an era of constant change:


How Subtle Class Cues Can Backfire on Your Resume:


Strategy - Finally, Proof That Managing for the Long Term Pays Off:


A leader is an individual who helps us overcome our own selfishness, weakness and fears, and gets us to do harder, better, more important work than we would do on our own:


Researchers and academics around the world are in the crosshairs of an assault on the worth of the scientific method. Here’s how to stand up for science:


Sustainability - The Fortune 500 Can’t Go Along with a Rollback on Climate Policy:


We live in a winner-take-all world. The lost art of losing:


Diversity Doesn’t Stick Without Inclusion:


Diversity - Why Diverse Teams Are Smarter:


An orchestra conductor faces the ultimate leadership challenge: creating perfect harmony without saying a word:


Leaked industry slides reveal insights on the chemical industry’s lobbying strategy:


Leadership is not a rank, it's a choice. Why good leaders make you feel safe:


Is the American obsession with individual freedom really such a great idea? What other cultures know about how to make good choices:


Emotional Intelligence - Primal Leadership: The Hidden Driver of Great Performance:


To Address Gender Bias at Your Company, Start with Teams:


Compassion and the true meaning of empathy - Many of us think that compassion drains us, but I promise you it is something that truly enlivens us:

European Central Bank

The European Central Bank’s ‘quantitative easing’ funds multinationals and climate change:

Trade Union Organizations

Workers United? How Trade Union Organizations at the European Level Form Political Positions on the Freedom of Services:

Human Business

Measuring what makes life worthwhile - One of the simplest facts in business is something we often neglect: We're all human:


Followers Don’t See Their Leaders as Real People:


They’re Not Employees, They’re People:

Low-income growth

Panel in Davos discussed the poor employment prospects and low-income growth in many developed economies and the rise in populism seen in the U.S. and several European nations:


Being a Strategic Leader Is About Asking the Right Questions:


Why privacy matters:

Basic income

More money less problems - Definitive data on what poor people buy when they’re just given cash:


If You Want to Get Promoted, Say So:


The most meaningful way to succeed is to help other people succeed:


Don’t Let Inexperience Stop You from Participating in Meetings:

work life balance

How to make work life balance work:

Diversified Quality Production

Diversified Quality Production Revisited - The Transformation of Production Systems and Regulatory Regimes in Germany:


How to manage for collective creativity:

Strategic Thinking

Make Strategic Thinking Part of Your Job:


Just Because You’re in Charge Doesn’t Mean You Should Run Every Meeting:


Empathy is more important to a sucessful business than it has ever been - The Most (and Least) Empathetic Companies, 2016:


Science can answer moral questions:


Making the right choices - The battle between your present and future self:


Leadership - The Difference Between Good Leaders and Great Ones:

Tax havens

Stiglitz urges EU to tackle tax havens after Trump win:

Basic Income

Canadian province to give every citizen $1,320 income boost to overcome poverty:


Why we need to rethink capitalism - When we put justness on par with profits, we'll get the most wonderful thing in the whole world: we'll take back our humanity.


The evolution of empathy and the profound ways it has shaped human development and society:

Private Wealth Accumulation

Inherited Advantage: The Importance of Inheritance for Private Wealth Accumulation in Europe:

Money Trust

Speaking to the People? Money Trust and Central Bank Legitimacy in the Age of Quantitative Easing:


The IMF finally is starting to think that 'neoliberalism' has created an inequality problem:

Employer Dignity

They’re Not Employees, They’re People:


Leadership - Business Leaders Should Stand Up to President Trump:

Employee engagement

Employee engagement is a problem. To fix it, encourage your workers to break rules and be themselves. We’ll show you who does it right and how you can too:

Leadership / Change

Organizations Can’t Change If Leaders Can’t Change with Them:


The 4 biggest reasons why inequality is bad for society:

Work-life balance

This is what work-life balance looks like at a company with 100% retention of moms:

Team morale

We took a trip across Germany on a quest to find out what companies are doing to make the most of team morale:

Organizational Culture

Organizational Culture - Leaders Can Shape Company Culture Through Their Behaviors:

Russia / EU

How Important Would a Post-Sanctions Russia Be for EU Foreign Trade?


Why you should know how much your coworkers get paid:


Discussing Industry Self-Regulation - The Contribution of a Transactional and Institutional Perspective:

Private Wealth Accumulation

Inherited Advantage - The Importance of Inheritance for Private Wealth Accumulation in Europe:

Responsible Lobbying

Responsible Lobbying - Conceptual Foundations and Empirical Findings in the EU:

White-Collar Crime

From Elite Lawbreaking to Financial Crime - The Evolution of the Concept of White-Collar Crime:

Trade Deals

The sting in the trade deal tail - corporations push for rights to sue governments:


Discovering Your Authentic Leadership:

Corporate Governance

Deliberative Democracy and Corporate Governance:

Shared Value

Creating Shared Value - The One-Trick Pony Approach:

Learning and Comfort Zone

If You’re Not Outside Your Comfort Zone, You Won’t Learn Anything:

Sexual Harassment

Why We Fail to Report Sexual Harassment:


Bayer-Monsanto: An infamous wedding facilitated by the ECB - By purchasing bonds from Bayer, the ECB has indirectly facilitated the takeover of Monsanto which was finally approved two weeks ago:

Maximize Profits

The “Maximize Profits” Trap in Decision Making:


Bringing Values Back into CSR:

Smart workers

Make Time for the Work That Matters:


Stop “Protecting” Women from Challenging Work:

Monetizing live

Our parents discovered leisure. We killed it. The consequences of monetizing your bliss:

Green Finance

The conventional economic-development model viewed environmental protection as a “luxury good” that societies could afford only after they became rich. Such thinking explains why the dramatic growth in global income, 80-fold in real terms during the last century, has been accompanied by a decline, according to the United Nations Environment Programme, in natural capital in 127 of 140 countries:


Why we shouldn’t judge a country by its GDP:


A Better Way to Deliver Bad News:

Time to play

Eight talks about why you should take time to play:

Do Fiscal Rules Matter?

Do Fiscal Rules Matter?

Global super-rich

The rise of the new global super-rich:

Career / Recession

The Short- and Long-Term Career Effects of Graduating in a Recession:

Blood diamonds

After Blood Diamonds - The Moral Economy of Illegality in the Sierra Leonean Diamond Market:


Why Some Bosses Bully Their Best Employees:

Basic Income

The case for money - Why don’t we have universal basic income?


The Miracle of Microfinance? Evidence from a Randomized Evaluation:

Decision Making

Decision Making - How Leaders Can Help Others Influence Them:

Worker Behavior

Checklists and Worker Behavior - A Field Experiment:


Resilience Is About How You Recharge, Not How You Endure:

Pointless Jobs

If you want to see people doing nothing, go into a large corporation:

Basic Income

Basic Income Will Make Sense When People Learn to Value Their Unpaid Work:

Communication / Meetings

The Right Way to Cut People Off in Meetings:


How U.S. Army Basic Training Turns Diverse Groups into Teams:


Are Most CEOs Too Old to Innovate? The link between youth and creativity:

Race, Ethnicity

Race, Ethnicity, and Discriminatory Zoning:


Communication - What Great Listeners Actually Do:

Time Management

Some very busy people feel quite relaxed about time. Here's what they do that the rest of us don't:

Michel Foucault

Michel Foucault, Neoliberalism and the Failures of the Left:


Business Leaders Have Abandoned the Middle Class:

Immigrants and native workers

Immigrants' Effect on Native Workers: New Analysis on Longitudinal Data:


Annual pay raises don't work. The salary increase serves two purposes: to motivate workers and to keep employees from leaving for a better-paying job. In its current form, the traditional raise does neither of those things very well:


Why Diversity Programs Fail - and what works better:

Economic Sociology

How Much Do Sociologists Write About Economic Topics? Using Big Data to Test Some Conventional Views in Economic Sociology:


Rethinking What Masculinity Means at the Office:

Work-Life-Balance: Millenials

The research on generational differences has been overhyped - What Do Millennials Really Want at Work? The Same Things the Rest of Us Do:

Neoliberal capitalism

Developed economies are not suffering from the consequences of a financial crash, but from a structural crisis of neoliberal capitalism:

Career Advice

The career advice you probably didn’t get:


Neoliberalism hasn’t delivered economic growth – it has only made a few people a lot better off. It causes epic crashes that leave behind human wreckage and cost billions to clean up:

Modern Slavery

Cash for Kim: How North Koreans Are Working Themselves to Death in Europe:

Good work

Seven lessons about finding the work you were meant to do:


Contrary to popular opinion, business actors are less successful than citizen groups at lobbying EU legislators:

Basic Income

This animated short film visualizes what the Basic Income is, why a movement for it is growing around the globe, and how we could pay for it:

ECB Greece

The ECB grants debt relief to all Eurozone nations except Greece:

Basic Income

Think of it as Social Security for all - A Basic Income Should Be the Next Big Thing:

Boring Work

It's Not Just You, Most Millennials Are Bored at Work:

LGBT / Climate Change

Business Is Taking Action on LGBT Rights. Will Climate Change Be Next?

Good work

Seven lessons about finding the work you were meant to do:

Work-life balance

Work-life balance: Your Late-Night Emails Are Hurting Your Team: So stop it!

Illegal Markets

Porous Borders - The Study of Illegal Markets from a Sociological Perspective:

Illegal Markets

Illegal Markets - Boundaries and Interfaces between Legality and Illegality:

International Solidarity

"Forward and Not Forgetting" - How do Workers' Memories Impact International Solidarity?


A one-size-fits-all team meeting rarely works - A Step-by-Step Guide to Structuring Better Meetings:


How to Avoid Hiring a Toxic Employee - No matter what the job is or how good or bad the candidate may seem to you, treat them respectfully:

Personality Test

Nothing personal: The questionable Myers-Briggs test. This personality test is used by companies the world over but the evidence is that it's nowhere near as useful as its popularity suggests:


Leadership - Great Leaders Embrace Office Politics:

Global citizenship

Ultimately global issues can only be solved by global citizens demanding global solutions from their leaders. What does it mean to be a citizen of the world?

Business Knowledge

Ready to level up your working knowledge of business? Here’s what to read now and next. A reading list for lifelong learners:

Universal Basic Income

Milton Friedman, an archetypal neo-liberal, was in favour of the Basic income. Market forces are a basic pillar of neo-liberalism, but instead of the current system whereby the strong can exploit the weak, persuasion will replace work compulsion:

World Bank

The World Bank - Why It Is Still Needed and Why It Still Disappoints:

Universal basic income

The Panama Papers prove it: America can afford a universal basic income. If the super-rich actually paid what they owe in taxes, the US would have loads more money available for public services:

Regulatory Regime

We Don’t Need a Whole New Regulatory Regime for Platforms Like Uber and Airbnb - They have more similarities than differences with traditional businesses, and should be regulated accordingly:

EU democracy capitalism

Will Europe manage to become the continental power and the space for democratic sovereignty that we’ll need in order to take control of a globalised capitalism gone mad? Or will it facilitate the subjugation of governments to markets and, in the resulting chaos, fail?

Success / Profit

Some of the Most Successful Platforms Are Ones You’ve Never Heard Of. And they have never made a profit, and don’t even strive to make money — on purpose:

Helicopter Money

With the ECB failing to meet its inflation target, and a serious possibility that another slowdown may make deflation an even greater risk, it is worrying and disappointing that Draghi is so evasive on the question of helicopter money:

Family Business

Corporate Governance - the 21st Century Will Belong to Family Businesses:


Exclusive new data shows how debt, unemployment and property prices have combined to stop millennials taking their share of western wealth:


How to Work for a Workaholic? Do a good job, but take care of yourself:


The Most Important Leadership Competencies, According to Leaders Around the World:

Satisfying Work

How is it that we allow the majority of people on the planet to do work that is monotonous, meaningless and soul-deadening? - What makes work satisfying? Apart from a paycheck, there are intangible values that our current way of thinking about work simply ignores. It's time to stop thinking of workers as cogs on a wheel:

World Bank

New Role for the World Bank:

Banking Reform

Banking reform has been made more confusing than it needs to be:

Leadership Development

Leadership Development - How Mindfulness Improves Executive Coaching:


Ethics - Why Companies Are Blind to Child Labor:


The economic impact of bad meetings - You know the feeling: You get invited to a meeting by a person you don’t really know, about a project you’ve barely heard of, and you’re not sure how you can best contribute to the meeting:

Leading Teams

Leading Teams - Your Team Manage Stress, Anxiety, and Burnout:

Intercultural Management

Intercultural Management - To Connect Across Cultures, Find Out What You Have in Common:


Wealth of richest 1% 'equal to other 99%' - Instead of an economy that works for the prosperity of all, for future generations, and for the planet, we have instead created an economy for the 1%:

Rational-market theories

“How surprised should we be that, even after the Great Recession cast grave doubt on the rational-market theories so dominant a decade ago, the top tier of academic economics remains largely unchanged?” - The Closed Marketplace of Economic Ideas:


Why Organizations Don’t Learn. Our traditional obsessions - success, taking action, fitting in, and relying on experts - undermine continuous improvement:

Leadership / Change Management

Change Management and Leadership Development Have to Mesh:


Behavioral CEOs - The Role of Managerial Overconfidence:

Hedge Funds

This summer Greece's financial authorities fined 20 hedge funds for speculating against the Greek economy. Now, the main global lobby group for hedge funds is trying to tweak the EU's rules so they can have a free play in the future:

Economic Governance

Empowered or Disempowered? The Role of National Parliaments during the Reform of European Economic Governance:

Stiglitz, Income

Joseph Stiglitz: The only cure for the world’s malaise is an increase in aggregate demand. Far-reaching redistribution of income would help, as would deep reform of our financial system – not just to prevent it from imposing harm on the rest of us, but also to get banks and other financial institutions to do what they are supposed to do: match long-term savings to long-term investment needs.“

Statesmanship / Leadership

Statesmanship among banking leaders has been absent since the crisis. This is curious. Crises normally bring forth a talent or two that tower above the rest. But what qualities constitute statesmanship and who comes closest?


Motivating work environment - What Amazing Bosses Do Differently:


The Best Leaders Are Constant Learners:

Men at Work

Why Some Men Pretend to Work 80-Hour Weeks:


To Become a Leader, Think Beyond Your Role. Owners consider the broader needs of the business:

Meaning of Life

What makes a good life? If you think it's fame and money, you're not alone – but, you're mistaken. Lessons from the longest study on happiness:

Leading Teams

Leading Teams - Managers Can Create a Motivating Work Environment with One Word. Theoretically, the modern workplace should be bursting with relatedness and teams ought to be a bountiful source of “relatedness” rewards:

Fair Income

Simply having transparent conversations about money can mitigate the negative effects of low pay in terms of an employee's level of engagement - Most People Have No Idea Whether They’re Paid Fairly:

Basic Income

Here's how much we’d all get if the UK dumped its welfare state and introduced a universal basic income scheme instead:

Modern Slavery

Photos that bear witness to modern slavery:

Basic Income

Is this the radical road to prosperity? The growing movement for a basic income:


Successful innovators don't care about innovating:


Rescuing Capitalism from Itself - The 'plural sector' has to push governments and corporations to act dutifully while waking all of us up to the dangerous realities that we face:

Strategic Transformation

No business survives over the long term without reinventing itself. But knowing when to undertake deliberate strategic transformation may be the hardest decision a leader faces:


First-Time Managers, Don’t Do Your Team’s Work for Them:

Financal System

While the 2008 financial crisis almost certainly would have occurred if Glass-Steagall had remained in place, its repeal greatly aided the spread of the disaster throughout the financial system and broader economy. Unfortunately, there's been too little willingness by those on Wall Street and in Washington to admit this mistake (and others) or, more importantly, to allow the facts to guide our efforts to prevent another financial crash:


Compensation - CEOs Get Paid Too Much, According to Pretty Much Everyone in the World:


Stress - The Powerful Effect of Noticing Good Things at Work:


Leadership and Strategic Thinking - Five Strategy Questions Every Leader Should Make Time For:

Time Management

Time Management - How to Get Work Done on the Road


Make Your Employees Feel Respected - Start with reflection. The Leadership Behavior That's Most Important to Employees:


Six Ways To Stay Motivated When You Really Want To Quit:

Financal Markets

A well-functioning monetary system is essential for a well-functioning economy and thereby, for the common good. The state is the agency responsible for the public interest:


You Don’t Need Charisma to Be an Inspiring Leader:

Workers Satisfaction

How to find work you love - Scott Dinsmore quit a job that made him miserable, and spent the next four years wondering how to find work that was joyful and meaningful. He shares what he learned in this deceptively simple talk about finding out what matters to you — and then getting started doing it:

Rating Angencies

The way we rate national economies is all wrong, says rating agency reformer Annette Heuser. With mysterious and obscure methods, three private US-based credit rating agencies wield immense power over national economies across the globe, and the outcomes can be catastrophic. But what if there was another way? In this bold talk, Heuser shares her vision for a nonprofit agency that would bring more equality and justice into the mix:

Intercultural Skills

How to say “This Is Crap” in different cultures:

Income Inequality

A survey showed that CEOs worldwide are making exponentially more money than people think they should:

Social Responsibility

Angus Deaton about social responsibility - Unwinding Inequality:

Pareto and Piketty

Pareto and Piketty - The Macroeconomics of Top Income and Wealth Inequality:

Workers Satisfaction

Creativity - Bringing Science to the Art of Strategy:


The Key to Giving and Receiving Negative Feedback

Financal Markets

The fire power of the financial lobby. A survey of the size of the financial lobby at the EU level:

Basic Income

Tired of capitalism? There could be a better way. Capitalism is a coercive economic system that creates persistent patterns of economic deprivation.True freedom requires freedom from destitution and freedom from the demands of the employer. Capitalism ensures neither, but a universal basic income, if successful, could provide both.

Workers Satisfaction

How long you should really stay at a job you hate? The trick is gauging your level of dissatisfaction against your own personal needs:

Financal Markets

According to the textbooks, financial markets should be a vehicle through which capital can be allocated to projects that are economically useful (and ideally socially useful and environmentally sustainable too), to the benefit of society. As such, they should play an essential role in our economy. They also happen to be deeply woven into our lives as consumers, as means to manage our savings, pensions and insurance.


What makes a great leader? Management theorist Simon Sinek suggests, it’s someone who makes their employees feel secure, who draws staffers into a circle of trust. But creating trust and safety — especially in an uneven economy — means taking on big responsibility:
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